At the time of the American occupation, the government created Philippine National Bank (PNB) on July 22, 1916. They are now serving people for 102 years. Government made this bank private and turned to be the pioneer of universal bank of the Philippines in the year 1980. After a long run, on February 9, 2013, they decided to merge and work together with Allied Bank which is owned by Lucio Tan. At present, they expanded into 13 branches nationwide and 13 branches in other foreign countries.

There was crisis before at the time of World War I in Europe. Major exports were in demand, such as: tobacco, coconut oil, Manila hemp, copra, and sugar. The problem is there is no credit facilities to cater these exports. That is the reason why the government decided to establish a banking system. The first president of PNB was the American Henry Parker Willis.

Before, this bank became the de facto Central Bank and National Treasury. PNB had big role in Philippine government and industry. Later on, it was privatized. According to statistic, it is the first bank to receive P100 billion assets.

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