Metrobank is one of the leading banks in the Philippines and out of all banks, this is the second largest, established in September 5, 1962. The goal of this bank is to help the community in terms of financial services, regular banking, and insurance. The pioneer building of Metrobank is located at Divisoria. Due to perseverance and wise investments, they managed to open their very first provincial branch in Davao City. After some few years of establishing their provincial branch, they started to open their first international branch in Taipei, Taiwan.

The company started to grow and became the partner of various financial institution and companies. Their credibility attracted businessmen to invest in their company. At present, Metrobank has more than 800 branches locally and internationally. Some of the international are located at Hong Kong, Osaka, Guam, Singapore, Chicago, Hawaii, and others. Knowing that they have various branches in different part of the world, using this bank is accessible no matter where you go. If you are using credit card of this bank, you can use it in your travel.

From time to time, Metrobank is offering promotions for their credit card users. Credit card discounts are available during some peak seasons or holidays. I am sure that you want to some of their promotional discounts. To be the first to learn about their promos, visit TipidNation for compilation of vouchers and promotional discounts.