When crisis arose back then, Citibank is also one of the banks that survived. Its former name is City Bank of New Year and became First National City Bank of New York afterwards. It was established in the year 1812. The services they offer to people are commercial loan, personal loans, mortgages, line of credit, and credit card. They have thousands of branches around the world, 2,649 branches to be exact. It is an advantage of having branches from different country. They have more branches in Mexico than United States, wherein Mexico has 1,494 branches and United States has 723 branches.

This bank later served in the Philippines. There are thousands of Filipino users as of now. The start of their credit card business was on 1960’s. They named it as “The Everything Card”, but it was unsuccessful so they just joined MasterCard that was formerly named as Master Charge. From the Capital One, they purchased their credit card portfolio which is the Best Buy, and they became the only issuer of credit cards of Costco.

When Citibank expanded their branch here in the Philippines, it did not become known too well immediately, but they later see the stability of the back that moved them to join. The credit card they are issuing has promotional discounts from time to time. You can use it for your next travel or for your shopping discount. Visit TipidNation to learn about these!