KKday Cherry Blossom Season Sale 2023

KKday is offering a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of cherry blossom season in three of the most popular destinations in Asia. With a wide range of activities and tours, you can chase cherry blossoms in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Japan: Explore the stunning cherry blossom views in Kyoto, with tours visiting famous cherry blossom viewing spots like Maruyama Park and Keage Inclined Railway. Enjoy a traditional kimono experience and visit famous temples and shrines, like Nanzenji and Nijo Castle. For those looking for a unique experience, try the Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossoms & Strawberry Picking tour or the Okazaki Sakura Festival with boating.

South Korea: Take a romantic railway tour in Jinhae and enjoy a free cherry blossom cake, or go on a private day tour to Jinhae and Busan. Visit the Dreamy Camera Cafe and go on a Han River Cruise in Yangpyeong.

Taiwan: Wuling Farm is a must-visit destination during cherry blossom season, with private tours and day tours available. Enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the autumn foliage. Explore Taichung and Sun Moon Lake, or go on a scenic tour of the Aowanda Forest Recreation Area. You can also take a 2-day tour of Chiayi and the Zhushan Forest Railway.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to see the cherry blossom festival in all its glory. Book your trip with KKday today and get ready for a cherry blossom chase like no other!