About Grab Philippines

Some wonder the difference between Grab Philippines and Uber. They are almost the same, though unlike Uber, Grab can accept passengers from different locations. You share your fare with other passengers. That’s a good idea I think if you want to save money. Grab is available in different Southeast Asian countries. These countries are: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines. This was founded in the year 2012 when lots of people started to rant on how hard it is to get a taxi.

Grab Philippines is your partner anytime, anywhere

Grab is always available wherever you are in NCR regions. When you find it hard to get a taxi, you can contact Grab anytime. With their latest app, you can easily find your Grab driver. If you want door to door service, Grab is always at your service. Regardless of your age, income, and special needs, Grab Philippines believes that everyone deserves a decent transportation. As you go to your office or school at morning up to rush hour of after school and after work, they are always there for you.

Grab Philippines with its decent prices

Grab Philippines believes that everyone should not be charged unfairly. It doesn’t mean that Grab serves you conveniently, they will make unjust pricing for everyone. Grab charges a reasonable price that is affordable for almost every Filipino. This is affordable for students and average people.

You deserve a safe transportation

Another positive thing about Grab is that they serve Filipinos with safe transportation. You can be at ease knowing that your mothers, daughters, and sisters using Grab transportation. Before they accept their drivers, they make sure that they make complete screening of the drivers’ backgrounds and to become stable Grab driver, they should maintain star rating above minimum to make sure that they are doing a responsible job. Grab train their drives and post code of conducts that each one them need to follow.

TipidNation helps Grab passengers to receive more discounts

It is true that Grab charge a reasonable price, but more than that they also accept promo codes to give more discounts to passengers especially for those don’t avail 20% discount. Worry no more, as you present your promo codes to Grab, you can avail price breakdown. You can save as much as 50% of Grab prices.

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The promo codes are only limited and they have policy “first come, first serve.” We, TipidNation teams commit our time and effort of searching through Grab Philippines promotions and discounts. As we search for the Grab promo codes, we immediately post it in our website. It is for your great advantage when you visit our website regularly as possible as you can. You can find tons of promo codes, and be the first one to get it. Visit now our website to see the latest Grab promo codes!