Top 6 Best Destinations in the Philippines on Klook

It will be more fun if you experience the Philippines at its finest! More islands, attractions, historical places, and breathtaking nature sceneries still needs to explore for the entire country’s rich in astonishing destinations. More tourists are visiting the Philippines every year for its cheaper tours and for the extreme adventure that awaits you! Check out Klook Philippines Promotions of the best places and activities you must never miss when traveling the country.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park, named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered as the New 7 Wonders of the World that has the longest navigable subterranean river located in Palawan. Discover the wonders of nature and wildlife with some bird watching, guided by a friendly guide. Take a paddle across the underground river while seeing the wonders of nature for 45 minutes.

After an extreme adventure, you can enjoy lunch in delicious buffet restaurant at Sabang Wharf. You can make sure that exploring Puerto Princesa Underground River will be one of your unforgettable journey on your visit in the country!

El Nido

Visit El Nido Palawan’s wonderful paradise of islands, lagoons and beaches of one of the country’s famous destination that you shouldn’t miss out! Experience the crystal water of Miniloc Island where you can also explore three amazing lagoons that is famous all over the world with its fairy-tale like natural attraction. You can refresh and enjoy the white sand beaches of Shimizu island with its untouched natural natural beauty or you can snorkel in the pure waters of Seven Commando beach. There’s no doubt that the world wants to uncover El Nido’s beautiful destination that is attracting more tourist to experience its stunning nature.

Oslob Whale Shark in Cebu City or in Mactan Island

Check your bucket list experience and get ready your adrenaline rush to this lifetime opportunity to meet whale sharks up close! Go and snorkel with astonishing blue ocean with Philippine whale shark. Checkout the latest  You can also take experience to feed sharks and to explore the wonderful preserved coral reefs in Cebu. After your whaleshark experience, you may have an option to climb up to the amazing Tumalog Falls and enjoy its cool water!

Bohol Countryside

Discover Bohol famous attractions and marvel to its rich historical background. This marvelous province is considered as one of the best place to visit in the country to experience lush environmental sceneries, culture, food, and good people along your journey. Visit the historical Blood Compact Shrine, the Baclayon Church that has been considered as one of the oldest church and the National Treasure in the country. You can meet the world’s smallest primate adorable, bug-eyed tarsier in the Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary and the Bohol’s most famous tourist destination, the world’s famous Chocolate Hills that amazed everyone on their visits. See all these Bohol attractions with this full day tour only at Klook!

Coron, Palawan

Spend your day being amazed with Coron’s lush beautiful islands, lagoons and natural sceneries that will make you astonished to this wonderful paradise in Palawan! You can head to the perfect picture sceneries of Kayangan Lake with its clear blue water that will wash all your stress away, you can explore to the Twin Lagoons with its rocky cliffside and to its wonderful bluegreen waters that will make you feel like you’re into a delighting splashy experience, have a satisfyingly snorkel adventure with local marine life in different species at Siete Pecados Marine Park. See varieties of beautiful preserved corals at Malwawey Reef and the Coral Garden and you can also have the chance to see the amazing and the best beaches in Coron! Enjoy full day of adventure in one of the best place in the country with Klook Palawan Discounts and Promo Codes.

Intramuros, Manila

Travel back in time and discover the famous ancient wall and streets of Intramuros with its filthy rich historical background. Expect to be blown up with the Philippines’ history, culture and architecture at its scenarios during the Spanish and US colonialism in Fort Santiago. Experience to ride in horse-drawn carriage while viewing satisfyingly to Manila’s heritage site until it reach the final stop at San Agustin Church across Plaza San Luis and educational tour filled with surprises! Book for Klook Intramuros Walking Tour with lots of inclusive offers only at Klook.

There’s lot more destinations and attractions that still need to discover in the rich natural resources, wildlife and delightful activities in the Philippines. Book for convenient tours and activities with Klook and visit TipidNation to have the Klook’s best discount promo to your travels!